What is Dev League ?

Dev League is a Super-Intense Programming Bootcamp. If you are a novice programmer with very little to moderate web programming skills, you will learn full-stack Javascript so that you are prepared with the tools and skills you need to become a programmer today.

Dev League is only for the toughest, bravest, most-willing-to-do-what-it-takes guy or gal willing to do the work to get what they want. If that sounds like you, join Dev League.

Fast-Forward Your Training

12 weeks. 11 hours/day. 6 days/week.

Consider Dev League a full-time commitment for 12 weeks. You will be living, breathing, and dreaming in code by the time you are done.

Why Dev League is Awesome.

Commit to 12 weeks of full-time, full-speed programming. Become a developer FASTER. Join Dev League.

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20+ Languages & Frameworks

Universities don’t teach this stuff. We prepare you for the real world.

A Typical Day

in the action-packed life of a devleaguer

  • 7am

    Breathe in. Wake up early after a night of coding. Only 1 hour before Dev League. Tank an espresso.

  • 8am

    Leave for Dev League. Listen to Javascript podcasts on the way to class.

  • 830

    Half an hour early. Oh good. I can ask some of my teammates about the code I had trouble debugging.

  • 9am

    Instructor starts up with an algorithm problem. Who the heck is Big O?!

  • 10am

    New topic today. Typing notes frantically. I think I need a mechanical keyboard...

  • 11am

    New group project. Going to work with a new team today. OMG, only 9 hours to finish it?!

  • 12pm

    Break for lunch. Packed some food so I’m eating in the breakroom today. Time to take down the Foosball champ!

  • 1pm

    One-on-one code review with the instructor. I’m really stuck on this one block of code...

  • 130

    Back to the group project. Only 7 more hours to finish!

  • 5pm

    5pm already?? Quick break for dinner. I think I’ll do Island Burger tonight. $6 plate lunch!

  • 6pm

    Back to hacking. Quick scrum meeting with team. Are we on track?

  • 758

    All tests passed and just pushed the release build!

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Cohort 1

We sent off our grads to get jobs (with plenty of referrals, calls, references, and interview practice). Here’s what happened in the first 3 months:

Intense, Competitive... Yet somehow Collaborative. Everyone finished TOGETHER.

Join Dev League Full-Time

Every Cohort is Different.

Learn Only The Most Relevant Skills.

Accellerate at Your Own Pace.

Schedule One-on-One Code Reviews.

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All the things we are doing

  • How much do coders make?

    October 22nd 2014, 3:40 am

    We see lots of these studies come out and we can't share them all but we thought this one had a nice touch to it with being able to filter and drill down into the data a little more rather than another top 10 list.

    How much do coders make? Check out this data from around the...

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  • Female Hacker and Low Income Scholarships Rolled into Elevate Fund

    October 13th 2014, 6:31 pm

    As many of you know, since the very beginning it was very important to us to not only start a coding bootcamp to bolster the technical talent pool in Hawai'i, but to take on the social responsibility of providing opportunity and to give back to the community around us as well.

    In our first year, we offered two scholarships each to a single applicant, the Female Hacker Scholarship and...

    Read More
  • We like coding for food..do you?

    October 13th 2014, 6:10 pm

    Writer, poet, web guru, co-founder of MentalPez, and all around good guy, Evan Nagle came down to talk to our current cohort recently to share his experience in startups and insights into being a professional web developer with the students.

    Since that time, he was kind enough to cover us in Read More

  • Dev League at EdTech Meetup at Punahou School

    October 13th 2014, 5:52 pm

    We were recently invited to the EdTech Meetup at Punahou school by the fine folks at Purple Mai'a to discuss our efforts to introduce coding through gaming along with many other educators involved in ed tech in Hawai'i.

    The event was a stimulating discussion amongst the technical education community who are actively innovating in the space and we...

    Read More
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As of July 2014, 100% of our graduates have gotten a programming job within 60 days of finishing the Full-Time course. Read about it.

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If you need financial assistance, we have payment plans available.

You may also be eligible for a Scholarship.

January 12th 2015
- to -
April 4th 2015

Full-Time Cohort ( 12 weeks)
Monday thru Saturday
9:00am - 8:00pm

Consider Dev League a full-time commitment. Block off your calendar for 12 weeks.

Innovation Center
Honolulu, Hawaii

Manoa Innovation Center
Room 233
2800 Woodlawn Dr.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

You will have access to the secured classroom 24/7.

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Dev League

Just as intense as the Full-Time cohort, though stretched out over 26 weeks instead of 12 weeks. The next Part-Time cohort will start in 2015.

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Dev League

Classes just for students from 5th grade to High School. We offer a course on coding through the popular Minecraft game.

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