Frequently Asked

What is DevLeague?

DevLeague is a magical place that transforms motivated individuals into professional front-end web developers in either a 12 week span (full time), or a 26 week span (part-time). In that time, a student will accrue hundreds of hours of coding while learning and mastering modern web development techniques and technologies. This is a hands on practical experience in which prepares you for the real-world working environment, and upon completion you will be introduced to numerous companies looking for individuals with your highly valued skill set.

Who should apply to DevLeague?

The DevLeague experience works best for highly motivated, self-directed learners who have some technical background and are excited to get up to speed with the latest languages and frameworks currently in demand throughout the industry. We've found that if you have some previous programming experience, understand the basics of programmatic control flow, basic JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and you can apply new concepts to your own projects, you will have a high probability of success in DevLeague.

What are the hours of DevLeague?

DevLeague instruction is Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 8pm with facility access and mentorship available after hours. Students should come in with the understanding that they will truly be putting in 60-70 hours a week in total however. Our facility closes at 9pm but many students will find themselves working after hours to consult with mentors and finish project work. We understand this is a lot of work and we plan to integrate many activities both on and off site into the program to free your mind for a little while. We actually think this is something you should take with you in your professional life as well.

Where is DevLeague located?

DevLeague is located in Manoa Valley at the Manoa Innovation Center, or MIC. The address is 2800 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, HI 96822.

DevLeague has two tracks:

What will I learn?

You will learn:

What is DevLeague like?

DevLeague is a life changing experience. We realize it's a big commitment for you to join DevLeague but we think the reward is well worth the risk. The first phase of the program is an accelerated in-depth learning of JavaScript, HTML and CSS and various other elements of a modern web application stack. The second phase is taking what you just learned and applying it in real applications and executing on guided projects from design to deployment. The third phase is working an actual real world project together with a project manager in an agile team to deliver a fully functional web application. Students will also participate in mock interviews and soft skill training as they prepare to embark on their new journey. Upon graduating you will have a true working GitHub portfolio to show prospective employers and to show off to your friends.

I have no prior programming experience. Should I apply to join DevLeague?

If you are smart, passionate about learning technology and motivated, then YES. Anyone who wants to learn programming can become proficient. Prior to acceptance if we think you have the potential to succeed, we will help you with a pre-requisite training schedule to get up to speed with the base skills you will need to be successful. Meanwhile, there are many free resources available to learn web development and coding. We recommend gaining an understanding of the technologies that power the web.

I already have programming experience. Should I join DevLeague?

Yes! We anticipate the majority of our students will come to the program with some computer science background or other technical experience. DevLeague will be a refresher course for some concepts you've previously had exposure to and build on top of that foundation to get you up to speed with modern web development, then help put you in front of prospective employers.

Can I really learn enough in a short period of time to get a job as a

Yes. It’s intense. We think the right person + the right curriculum + the right environment = success.

Why is there two tracks?

The DevLeague full time course is what is known as bootcamp style. The course is taught Monday through Saturday from 9am to 8pm. We are committed to graduating top-notch entry-level web developers who are ready and committed to joining the ranks of professional web developers worldwide, in 12 weeks. 12 weeks!

The DevLeague evening course is a part-time course designed for the person who works a daytime schedule and wishes to study coding during the evenings. The course is taught Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm to 10pm and Saturday from 9am to 8pm. The evening course is 26 weeks long.

Who should attend the part-time evening course?

We’ve been asked by enough people who want to keep their day jobs and attend an evening course to help them level-up their coding skills so they can be more productive at their current jobs, pick up new skills so they can find a new job or create their own jobs as a freelancer developer. The part-time evening course is 26-weeks long.

Are there any other languages or tracks that DevLeague offers?

As a startup ourselves, we are staring with JavaScript/HTML/CSS since that is the most in demand role modern web development companies are currently hiring for. Many of the concepts we will be teaching in JavaScript will easily translate to other languages as well. We have plans to roll out other tracks as soon as we possibly can.

Who are the instructors?

DevLeague instructors have a wide range of backgrounds with multiple years of professional industry experience. All have shipped live code. Our goal is become awesome facilitators of learning. We will also have a group of mentors that will be available to students for general consultation and advice from those who just plain love to talk about code and share their experiences, whether it be code specific or professional advice.

What is the student to instructor ratio?

To maintain a great learning environment, each cohort will be limited to 20 students with two dedicated instructors.

What is the application process?

  1. The application process starts with an applicant submitting the application form.
  2. Our DevLeague team will evaluate each applicant, looking for strong applicants:
    • that have examples of projects
    • demo web sites or apps
    • active Github profiles
  3. We will email applicants a coding challenge. You have to return the coding challenge by a specific deadline.
    • We may ask you to do a second coding challenge.
    • We accept a high percentage of applicants who do well on these coding challenges.
  4. We will interview qualified applicants.
  5. We will make an admissions decision within two days of conducting the interview.

Do you take international students?

Yes. However, we do not have the resources at this time to offer visa assistance.

Can you help me find accommodations?

We don't officially offer any assistance for accommodations but we are exploring opportunities. We are more than happy to offer any verbal assistance or referrals that may come our way.

Will I need to buy hardware?

All students are required to bring in their own laptops. Students can plug into DevLeague provided large screen monitors, keyboard and mice set up in the class room.

I’ve been accepted. How do I prepare for the DevLeague?

We want you to be prepared and ready to get the most of your time in DevLeague so we have a prerequisite curriculum for you to complete before you arrive.

Can I get terminated from DevLeague?

Yes. Students that are not keeping up with the pace of the program may be asked to either leave the program or repeat a section of the course. This may sound harsh, and trust us, we will do everything within our power to ensure your success, but the dynamic of the group as a whole is critical to everyone's success and we need to keep our promise to the rest of the cohort as well that they are getting the maximum benefit of the program.

What happens if I am involuntarily asked to leave DevLeague before completion?

DevLeague reserves the right to involuntarily terminate training at any point in the program, and return your tuition on a prorated basis.

If you are asked to repeat a section of the course, at DevLeague discretion, we may enroll you in the next cohort at the appropriate lesson so you may continue the program.

What happens if I need to voluntarily leave DevLeague before completion?

If you need to voluntarily leave the boot camp during the first week, you will receive a refund of paid tuition minus the $1,250 deposit. If you voluntarily leave the boot camp after the first week and you are in good standing, DevLeague may, but shall not be obligated to, offer you reimbursement on a prorated basis or partial prorated basis. After four weeks, DevLeague will not offer any refund and the fees will be deemed fully earned. No credits will be extended for absences.

Please immediately notify your instructor and/or DevLeague management if you need to voluntarily leave for whatever reason so that we can work with you on an exit plan.

After DevLeague graduation, can I still meet with mentors?

Yes. Upon graduation, you become part of the DevLeague alumni network. We will keep you updated via the DevLeague email newsletter and invite you to DevLeague events and continue to connect with mentors and other alumni.

What type of jobs can I get after graduating from DevLeague?

Our goal is to graduate entry-level web developers that will jump-start your journey towards becoming a world-class developer. After 12 weeks, you will have a significant portfolio of code showing what you are capable of producing. We are expecting you to learn enough to start contributing value to an engineering team as an entry-level web developer where you can continue to learn on the job.

Are you guaranteeing me a job after I complete DevLeague?

No. While we do not guarantee job placement, we do have strategic relationships with companies that we are excited about and are excited about DevLeague, and these companies are recruiting from the program.

How does your Employer Partner program work?

We are building our Employer Partner program with employers that are interested in recruiting professional entry-level web developers. Employer Partners have a bonus placement agreement with DevLeague.

Upon completion from DevLeague, we send out your resume and relevant information to hiring mangers in our Employer Partner program that have agreed to review the resumes. Qualified applicants will then be directly contacted for further action.

What is the tuition?

Tuition for DevLeague is $12,500. We require a $1,000 non-refundable deposit upon acceptance to reserve your placement in the program. You will not be reserved until you pay your deposit.

What are my payment options?

BREAKING NEWS! We now have payment plan options available! We have been asked many times if we have payment plans and we are happy to announce that we now have payment plan options. Please contact us for payment plan details.

For applicants that qualify, we have partners that can fully or partially pay the course fees for you. Follow the links below for more information.


We have two scholarships:

  • Female Hacker Scholarship: 25% off cost of tuition for a single selected applicant.
  • Low Income Scholarship: 100% off cost of tuition for a single qualifying applicant.

We have decided to combine our scholarships into what we will now be calling the Elevate Scholarship Fund.

We know there are many with the right character who just need a little help and the premise of the Elevate Scholarship Fund will be a tuition award resource that we will continue to contribute $10K out of our pockets to every cohort. Not easy for a small startup.

We will be attempting to get third-party contributions to the fund to go directly to student tuition. We will use $0 of contributions for operating or other costs.

In an effort to continue to promote the spirit of our Female Hacker scholarship we dedicate to always allot 25% of the fund to outstanding female applicants with the remaining 75% distributed based on need regardless of gender.

Invest in people. Invest in yourself. Aloha.