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Funding your future

Making the choice to pursue a new career was the easy part, but we know funding can be challenging. We want to make your education as accessible as possible, so we're always on the look out for new ways to fund your education here at DevLeague. We've collected a number of resources below, including our own scholarships. Please take a look, and as always, reach out to us at if you need someone to walk you through all our options. 


Kingsland University Scholarship

Award amount: $2,500

Application deadline: N/A

The Kingsland University Scholarship fund is a per student scholarship of $2,500, with total amount of $1,000,000 dollars for up to 400 students. In partnership with Kingsland University, Kingsland is committed to the State of Hawaii in helping diversify it's workforce with modern skills for high paying and high growth careers as graduates can be equipped with the tools needed to qualify for jobs both locally and remotely as the global tech workforce begins to shift post Covid-19.

All students that apply will receive the scholarship until the total amount has been exhausted.

Loan & Funding Sources

SkillsFund is a fantastic resource that realizes that funding your education is only part of the puzzle but that you need to live and eat while attending a bootcamp and they're offering matches what your actual needs are.

Loan Amount: $2000 - $14,450

Interest Rate: 9.49% (36 mos.), 11.46% (60 mos.)

Approval Process: 10 minute online application, approval in minutes

Distribution: Upon securing your loan, payment will be made directly to DevLeague for your tuition costs

Apply Today: 

TADS can best be described as more of a payment plan than a loan. This is a fantastic resource for students in our Part Time programs who may be working over the duration of the program and would like to spread tuition across the months that they are in the program with a full balance paid upon completion of the program.

Loan Amount:  Full amount of tuition

Full-Time Student Terms: $5,250 down payment, 3 monthly installments of $2,000

Part-Time Student Terms: $5,250 down payment, 5 monthly installments of $1,000

Payment Options: Payments are made via direct transfers from your checking account or credit card

Service Charge: TADS collects a $45 management fee for services

Approval Process: A DevLeague representative will work with you to set up your custom account

Apply Today: Click Here

American Job Center is a City and County of Honolulu workforce development program that is federally funded to help qualified persons who are unemployed, underemployed and long-term unemployed. This program is only available to residents of Hawaii. Students are responsible for the remainder of the tuition balance.

Who is it for?

Currently the program is only funding people who are currently collecting unemployment or have exhausted all unemployment benefits. We can provide a direct contact to a caseworker if this will be helpful to speed up your case.

Apply Today: Click Here

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