Meet the DevLeague Team

Some people in life you have the good fortune of crossing paths, seeing sparks fly and left wondering how it all happened. These are our merry band of misfits, nerds, gamers, and tech savants and we couldn't be happier to call them family.

Jason Sewell

Instructor/Curriculum Designer/Co-Founder

Jason has been hacking web development for over a decade, building e-commerce projects while still in college to developing heavily-trafficked global enterprise systems and interfaces.

Jason is also co-founder of award-winning Hawaii-based software development shop, Sudokrew, specializing in leading-edge web application development and infrastructure.

A music lover and full-time dad, our bearded leader can sometimes be found in his secret lair of the Sudokrew offices jamming on the drums.

He has a beard... always, sometimes.

Russel Cheng

Director of Operations/Co-Founder

Russel is an entrepreneur, startup mentor and advisor with 16 years experience in Japan and Asia. He is founder of StartupHui and currently co-director of Founder Institute Honolulu chapter.

Russel has successfully built two different companies from the ground up to acquisition and Nasdaq IPO. He has previously held executive management positions at Microsoft, Beacon Communications/Leo Burnett Japan, CS First Boston Japan and has worked with C-level customers from top level global corporations.

Russel also volunteers as a mentor and entrepreneur in residence at Hawaii's top educational institutions.

Victor Lee

Marketing Lead | Student Liaison

Vic has been involved in marketing and finance in Japan prior to joining DevLeague. He’ll be the first to admit that he’s the “non-techie” in the team, but is passionate about helping students succeed in DevLeague.

As a complete noob to coding before joining DevLeague’s fourth cohort (C4 baby!), Vic knows first hand how challenging it is to learn programming on your own. He kick-started DevLeague Prep to help beginners become more comfortable in the basics of coding and to prepare for admission into the Javascript web development track.

He dresses like a tourist on vacation, but the man does have an eclectic shoe collection.

Raymond Luong


One day, a local boy named Raymond thought of going to San Francisco to learn how to code -- and so he did.

Hailing from Hack Reactor, a San Fransisco bootcamp, Raymond worked around the bay area for himself and start ups for a few years.

After his spending some time in San Francisco, Raymond decided to come back to Hawaii and join the DevLeague team, growing Hawaii's future web developers.

Natalie Ramirez

Director of Technology & Innovation

Natalie moved to Honolulu from Austin, Texas. Her childhood passion for technology landed her in a career with a Fortune 500 IT team in the banking industry. After spending near a decade leading large organizations in technical positions, she decided to pursue a more personal path in software development and education.

Natalie is responsible for the evaluation, design, development, and deployment of technology in support of the teaching, learning, and research at Jr. DevLeague. Between teaching tomorrow's youth and leading the Jr. DevLeague team, she can be found obsessing over horror films, blasting music through her headphones and reading fiction novels.

Gina Watanabe


Gina is an intern and technical assistant at Jr. DevLeague. This summer she is teaching 3D modeling and Game Design in our 3D Worlds and Game Werks course. Gina is a sophomore at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a pre-medical student looking to integrate art and technology into her passion for people. In her free time she likes to find good places to eat, play video games, read and doodle.

Edward Kim


Ed has been interested in technology as far back as he can remember. From a very early age, he’s been building computers in his room during his spare time and building web pages before many companies had a web page.

Ed has a BS in ICS from the University of Hawaii and over a decade of web development experience from large companies like Lockheed Martin to small startups with a focus on backend server architecture, geographic information systems, machine learning, and database architecture.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Ed is deeply committed to the local developer community. He can often be found giving talks or just hanging out at the local hackerspace or coffee shop.

Jay Giang


Jay temporarily left his hometown in Southern California to pursue his passion in technology by attending DevLeague Cohort 15. After graduating, he went back home, got married, and ended up with a remote job.

Jay couldn’t get enough of Hawaii and ultimately made the decision to move back! He’s excited and eager to teach the next generation of coders at Jr. DevLeague.

Jay is an avid movie watcher, so if you ever need a movie buddy, you know who to call.

Mellanie Soriano

Assistant Program Manager

As a Cohort 17 graduate, Mellanie is thrilled to be part of the Jr. DevLeague team teaching Hawaii’s youth the fundamentals of coding and encouraging a passion for innovation.

Her long-term goal is to expand her reach and teach coding around the world to empower people to use technology to make a positive social impact.

She continues to be in a constant state of learning and developing, which leads her to have a mild obsession with coffee. If she could communicate solely through GIFs, she would.