We are living and operating in the midst of a data revolution that is touching every area of our daily lives. We are collecting, storing, and have access to ever increasing amounts of data and metrics in orders of magnitude never seen before. 

Data is changing the world around us and the way in which people and businesses are  interact, with the ability to track, monitor, predict and gain intelligence about every aspect of our lives in ways we’ve never even thought possible.

The Big Data Analyst Track is an immersive and innovative bootcamp for creating in-demand data professionals with core competencies and advanced skills training in three main areas of study: Data Analysis & Business Intelligence, Databases Design and Usage, and Data Science Fundamentals.

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Price: $11,500 


We offer our Big Data Analyst track in a 40 week format.Course curricula was developed in conjunction with the Department of Labor’s American Apprenticeship Initiative and includes a two week online hybrid preparation course before official classroom times begin.

  • Part-Time Schedule
  • 40 weeks part-time
  • 3 days/week Tue, Wed, Sat
  • 15 hours/week of on-site classes and online coursework
  • 600 Total Hours

Technologies and Tools


  • Data Prep

    Intro To Data and Mathematical Foundations 

  • Model 1

    Data Analytics, Data Collection & The Analytical Process 

  • Model 2

    Business Statistics & Probability Theory with Microsoft Excel 

  • Model 3

    Exploratory Data Analysis & Business Intelligence Reporting with Tableau 

  • Model 4

    Introduction to SQL Databases & Relational Data Modeling 

  • Model 5

    Introduction to Programming in R & R Studio 

  • Model 6

    Python Programming & Introduction to Big Data Analysis 

  • Model 7

    Introduction to Machine Learning & Predictive Modeling 

  • Model 8

    Advanced Data Visualization & Storytelling 

  • Model 9

    Data Governance & Security in The Enterprise 

  • Capstone Project

    The Big Reveal 

Scheduled Courses

  • All


  • November 7, 2017 - August 9, 2018