The Cyber Security Professional boot camp is an immersive and accelerated training program with a focus on creating the next generation of cyber security professionals with core competencies in the following areas:

- Critical Thinking and Application in the realm of cybersecurity

- Structured Analytical Techniques in the realm of cybersecurity

- Network, OS, and Application attack vectors and countermeasures

Our curriculum has been designed and vetted from professional experience across the highest levels of national security organizations and is compliant with the NICE Cybersecurity Framework.

Throughout their DevLeague experience, students will be mentored not only on technical skills but the soft skills that employers demand of any professional. In addition to technical training students will also receive:

- Soft Skills Training

- Resume Preparation

- Interview and Career Resources

Why a career in Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is quickly becoming the most in-demand and undersupplied skillset in IT. As the complexity, frequency, and magnitude of cyber attacks and exploitation of individuals and organizations are on the rise, the skills to effectively defend, analyze and respond are increasingly in high demand and short supply. 

"There will be 1 million to 2 million unfilled cyber-security jobs worldwide by 2019, according to a recent report released by Intel Security called "Hacking the Skills Shortage.""

- 7 Cyber-Security Skills in High Demand - (Information Week, Aug 8, 2016)

A Cyber Security Professional is not just someone who has the technical skills but someone who also is a complementary team member, strong communicator, and dedicated problem solver. We want to see you get to where you’re going and we won’t stop working with you until you get your ideal outcome. Following are some of the expected career starts our graduates can expect to apply for: Cybersecurity Analyst, Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Cyber Technologist, Entry Level Cybersecurity Specialist, Entry Level Network Professional, Entry Level Pen Tester, Entry Level Security Engineer, Information Security Analyst, Junior Network Security Engineer,  Junior Security Analyst.


Price: $14,500 


We offer our Cyber Security Professional track in a 34 week part time, evening and weekend format and includes a one month online hybrid preparation course before official classroom times begin.

Not ready for the full bootcamp? Check out our 4-week prep course >

  • Part-Time Schedule
  • 34 weeks part-time
  • 3 days/week Mon, Tue, Sat
  • 25 hours/week of on-site classes and online coursework
  • 840 Total Hours


The Cyber Security Professional bootcamp is a comprehensive curriculum, designed to cover key skills in demand for the modern cyber security professional.

Comprised of 15 distinct, but complementary missions, students will start with basic fundamentals of hardware, operating systems, networks, and work their way through various missions involving topics such as pen testing, programming, data analysis, cryptography, and risk assessment to name a few.


The reality is that some people and organizations look highly upon certifications, some do not require them in favor of demonstrated knowledge and experience. We feel that the decision whether to certify or not is best left up to the individual. We’ve done our best to provide a clear path for both scenarios successfully. We believe those true Cyber Security Professionals will continue to be passionate, lifelong learners in either case.

For those that do wish to get qualified certifications, we will strive to provide accessible expertise, guidance, clear communication of course materials covered that is likely to appear on the various certifications, as well as clear communication of what we do not cover, and provide additional study resources and materials.



  • Mission 1

    Computer Hardware & Operating System Fundamentals 

  • Mission 2

    Networking & Network Security Fundamentals 

  • Mission 3

    Cyber Security Fundamentals 

  • Mission 4

    Ethical Hacking, Critical Thinking and the Hacker Mindset 

  • Mission 5

    Programming for Hackers in Python 

  • Mission 6

    Social Engineering & Physical Security 

  • Mission 7

    Reconnaissance, Scanning and Enumeration 

  • Mission 8

    Exploitation, Detection and Countermeasures 

  • Mission 9

    Web Application Vulnerabilities and Defense 

  • Mission 10

    Applied Cryptography, Public Key Infrastructure and Cryptanalysis 

  • Mission 11

    Predictive Analysis, Data and Database Management 

  • Mission 12

    Computer Forensics, Analysis and Recovery 

  • Mission 13

    Security Audits & Cybersecurity Management 

  • Mission 14

    Strategic Thinking and Preventative Measures 

  • Final Mission


Scheduled Courses

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